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 NaruHina- Naruto and Hinata

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PostSubject: NaruHina- Naruto and Hinata   Sun Nov 29, 2009 9:16 pm

Naruto Uzumaki] is the main character in the movie and he first was a idiot and has no skills in any jutsu but he wanted to be Hokage( one of the best ninja in the Leaf Village) he trained to be a fine ninja. Hinata Hyuga is the hierest of the main hyuga house hold but she was said to have no talent and it was put into Hinata's little sister, Hanabi. Unlike other girls to have a crush on Sasuke ,she had a crush on the one an only idioty ninja, Naruto Uzumaki.

She was inspired by Naruto and his 'to never give up attidued' and wanted to become like him]. Hinata is very shy and she usually faint infront of Naruto. She trained so that Naruto would recognise her.

She lost against Neji at the Chunnin Premility round. Naruto was shocked by her attidued to never give up and he was also mad about Neji and his words saying that' Once a failure, always a failure'. Naruto wanted to get revenge for Hinata and made a promise to beat Neji.]

Neji was beaten by Naruto in the Chunnin's Final Round and he changed his mind about being a failure. Hinata was even more determined now so she trained and wanted Naruto to recognise her after Naruto gets back.
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NaruHina- Naruto and Hinata
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